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Art Deco

The Art Deco movement was born in the mid-1920’s in France. In the late 1960s, Art Deco established its global roots and remains popular today in the art and jewelry worlds.

Because of its birth during the industrial age, Art Deco jewelry is often machine crafted and marked by geometry and symmetry in its design. Art Deco jewelry expresses opulence and the free-spending abandon of the roaring 1920s and features bright enhancements through natural products such as coral and jade. Black Art Deco jewelry features black onyx and black enamel surrounded by diamonds and crystals. Ruby-flecked brooches and sapphire earrings art often showcased in Art Deco jewelry collections.

Many pieces in Art Deco jewelry and black Art Deco are influenced by trends in fine art. Today, Art Deco jewelry remains popular and many designers still create Art Deco jewelry collections. Although established a century ago, Art Deco jewelry is still popular today in both fine and costume jewelry collections.

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