For over half a century and counting, the Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry line has been at the forefront of the very trends that Kenneth Jay Lane himself pioneered. A true innovator of the “Fabulous Fakes” that to this day, still convince women around the world to leave their real jewels at home…

Not only do you see the likes of contemporary icons such as Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Katy Perry (just to name a few) dazzling in Kenneth’s designs, but modern history’s most notable fashionistas have gravitated towards Kenneth Jay Lane since the label’s inception in 1962. Pop culture icons like Jackie Onassis Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and even Princesses Diana and Maragret chose to wear “Kennys”, making the brand internationally sought after - and for good reason.

As Mr. Lane had said, “Elegance, luxury, and good taste never go out of style.”

Undoubtedly, Lane knew best. As a graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design (Class of 1954), who moved to New York for a brief stint at Vogue’s art department; he found himself designing shoes for the likes of Christian Dior, amongst others, all while quietly conceiving ideas for jewelry in his spare time. He bore a love for bold yet eloquent creations, often choosing unusual color combinations and shapes for his prototypes. 

This part-time pursuit ultimately led him to a life’s career of building a brand that revolutionized the design and sale of jewelry, altogether.

Still, as impressive as it is that royals, celebrities, and socialites continue to choose Kenneth Jay Lane as some of their favorite wears, it was never Lane’s primary focus. In fact, his designs were, and still are, created with the everyday woman in mind. This was a deliberate effort made by the not-so-everyday man from Detroit (or “De-twah” as he liked to say). Most notably, his decision to partner with the QVC shopping network, making Kenneth Jay Lane collections accessible to every woman who felt they deserved a more sophisticated look.  

Despite Mr. Lane’s passing in 2017, his vision lives, as the Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry line continues to create pieces that are innovative, sophisticated, and imaginative - securing a permanent place in fashion history (and in every dignified woman’s collection).